Bed & Breakfast

One of a Kind House

Catch your breath, take a break out of time...

La maison bienveillante is a fully renovated family home surrounded by greenery.

We look forward to welcoming you to our home as the seasons change, taking care of you and our environment.

We take care to use only environmentally-friendly products; to cultivate our vegetable garden without pesticides or chemical fertilizers; to recycle rainwater and shower water thanks to phytosanitary basins.

Sleep well

Our five bedrooms are spacious and comfortable. They have been entirelt renovated and refurbished.

Brightly lit thanks to windows overlooking the park, our rooms feature single or double beds. All are accessible by elevator.

Eat well

How do you combine les plaisirs de la table with an environment-friendly approach? Our dishes are patiently simmered at home, using fresh produce from the garden or from bio-sourced sources within 25 km of the house.

We offer flavored cuisine inspired by the countries we lived in before returning to Lyon: Nepalese dhal bhat, Vietnamese soups or Thai salads, dishes flavored with paprika from Hungary or zaatar from Palestine.

We humbly try to do our part in reducing greenhouse gases, therefore propose a vegetarian menu (no meat or fish). Eggs and dairy products are regularly on the menu, but can be removed if you prefer a vegan menu.

The events

Find out what's happening at La Maison Bienveillante: workshops, meditation weekends, yoga classes, fasting, etc.